Black Mountain, Oxford County, Maine

Location: Black Mountain Road
Sumner, Maine
(From Sumner take Black Mountain Road all the way to the end.)

Parking for Black Mountain:
Facts: Black Mountain has an elevation gain of 2,133 feet and a 3 mile loop trail. This is not the Black Mountain in Rumford Maine for skiers! This is another mountain, further South.
My two cents: We parked our car at the end of Black Mountain Road and followed the dirt road to the trail which is on the right and marked with a white arrow. The trail to the summit is also marked with little piles of rocks but since there was so much snow we couldn't see the rock piles and we followed the white arrows up the hill. After a while they disapperared and we ended up on a sub peak of Black Mountain, which was also very nice.
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road to singlepole mountain trail

view from summit

view from sub peak of black mountain

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