Augusta, Kennebec County, Maine

Location: Kennebec County, Maine

Parking in Augusta:
Facts: Augusta is Maine's capital city since 1827 and has a population of approximately 18,360.
My two cents: The beautiful city of Augusta is not a big city but it has a lot to offer. Right next to the Kennebec River you'll find the Old Fort Western, America's oldest wooden fort, which was built in 1754 and is open to the public during the summer. Augusta has several parks and trails where you can go for walks, have picnics and enjoy the beautiful nature. Especially the capitol park is very nice in fall.

There's a parking lot on Water Street next to Kennebec River (under the Memorial Bridge). From there you can walk to downtown Augusta, to Old Fort Western or walk along the River Walk all the way to the city of Hallowell.
Things to do nearby: Pine Tree State Arboretum, Old Fort Western
Links: City of Augusta

welcome to augusta maine

view from memorial bridge

mec kennebec bridge

old fort western in fall

old fort western sign

capitol of augusta

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