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What and where is Maine?!

This question may sound stupid to you but it is a valid question. So many people (even Americans!) have no idea what or where Maine is. So I'm answering this question for those who don't know Maine.

Maine is New England's biggest state, bordering New Hampshire, Canada and the Atlantic Ocean and has 1,317,207 inhabitants (2007 est.). It became part of the USA as the 23rd State in 1820. Maine's nickname is Pinetree State but it's also known as Vacationland. The capitol city is the city of Augusta which is located in Kennebec County, in Central Maine.

What has Maine to offer?

There are tons of fun things to do in Maine. It's the perfect place for recreation all year long. Maine has a lot more to offer than many people know. Summers are great for hiking, mountain climbing, swimming, biking, whale watching, sightseeing in Cities and Towns and a lot more. Enjoy the beautiful foliage in fall and go snowmobiling, snowshoeing, skiing or ice fishing in winter.

Why MaineAdventure.net?

I was looking for good websites about Maine and things to do in Maine and I found a few but they either had only little or no information or only very old and not so nice pictures or they where just not what I was looking for. So I've decided to make my own website about Maine and post all my pictures (well, some of them ;-)) and write about my adventures in Maine.

Who took all those pictures?

Me! Me! ;-) Yes, I'm also a photographer in my free time. I love photography, so my camera is going with me on every single trip I make, no matter how bad the weather is. All the pictures on this site are copyright by me, unless marked differently. However, if you find a picture that you like, I'd be glad to sell you a copy in the original size. Just let me know!

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In order to get more visitors, it's important to build a link network. Many websites charge you if you want to advertise on their site, but MaineAdventure.net does not. I have 3 simple rules for link exchanges:
  1. Your site has to have similar topics e.g. Maine, Hiking, Outdoors etc
  2. I link your site = you link my site
  3. Oh okay...I guess I only have 2 rules. See? It's easier than you thought! :-)
Text Links will be placed in the link section and banners will be placed on one of the other main pages. If you are interested in exchanging links, send me an email and I'll get back to you.

Who's making this site?

I'm a 27 year old (female) Mainer by choice who works as a front-end web developer & graphic designer and loves nature. I've moved to Maine in spring 2008 and live here for the second time in my life. Working with computers almost 24/7, I take every chance I get to go hiking (or snowshoeing in winter). Almost every weekend I go out to explore this beautiful State and I fall in love with Maine over and over again. I have lived in two other States (IL and AL) and in one other country (Germany) so far and I must say, this is the best place I've lived so far. The nature is breath taking and I enjoy living close to the ocean, surrounded by mountains, forrests and lakes.

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